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    Chris 24 August 2018

    Bought a set of 225/60R18 Ovation VI386 on a weekend after 2 of my Firestones failed me. Because of finances could only afford something inexpensive. Wasn’t expecting much from these tires because I’ve heard all the talk of Chinese tires being bad. Since getting them I have driven in hot weather and chilly rainy weather, and I can honestly say they are better than the Firestone I had on my car. They stick in hot weather, and surprisingly handle really well in the rain which I was nervous of. highly recommend even if you can afford the top tier brands, you will not be disappointed.

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    XAVIER 24 August 2018

    I’m presently running on a set of Ovation this summer and they are simply awesome ! Tires are quiet and feel solid on the highway and cornering. The traction on wet road is super. I highly recommend those tires !

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    Polina 22 August 2018

    I’m very satisfied with my new Ovation Ecovision 4 season tires! I would really recommend them!